Telephone Message Systems
Promotional Events
Book and Manual Narrations 

Female and Male voice-over talent
Copy Writing Assistance  

We welcome the opportunity to give your business

a personalized voice for telephone greetings, 

training CD or DVDs, church and special events, 

technical narrations, audio books and documentaries.   


Average National Voice-Over Market Rates 

are determined by the length of the recording 

and intended use of the completed project. 

Radio Commercials 

:15, :30 and :60 - $200 

Television Commercials 

:15, :30 or :60  - $300 

Non-Broadcast Usage 

(Phone systems, training matter, explainer videos) 

Per minute $100 and Up 

Long Form Narration Rates  

(Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Educational material) 

1 Hour recording session $250-500  

Please submit an inquiry detailing your budget, 

project needs and the deadline for completion. 

We will forward suggestions that may best suit 

your business and personal needs.